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ihereafter there's no respite
the evil has a big share now
God Bless the West,
all are alike!
that's due to years of govtg policy
hard work of statesmen
founders of the countries
what policies of equal opportunity
years of intellectual activity
god bless the West
all are alike.

all are alike
all are criminals
of the new technological world
of the new marketing world
and they have the entire east
at their beck and call !
a cheerful smiling face
and a wretched soul
irking at the back
of the neck.
they now do crimes
not one per day
but many and sometimes
running to thousands
selling false stuff
making false promises
giving no after sales services
at the assertive insistence of the big bosses!

criminals gather small and big
and throwing their conscience
outside their skull down
into the street garbage can
they sit and interact,
brainstorm and plan,
budget and confer
to increase their income
by cheating the people
this year one step further
a little more cheating
window dressing it with sufficient clothing
all because the competitor is doing it
why should we not.
all of it comes to cheating the people
these men in unfurled clothes
do not know what they do
to earn their unfortunate bread and butter
they lack the piece of philosophy
that was lying behind every business
be it on the street or in the 14th floor of the city.
What they do to others comes back to them.
In the long run all make hue and cry
their mind grinds their self like a mill
a tortured tormented tonadoed "self"
is a mill-ground "grilf".
These grilfs never ever understand
what has gone through
what is a breeze what is a hurricane.
They live for ever in the hotsun
sweltering heat
they never know
water to the trees
will bring back all the lushly green
to their world
they live suffer
and die a pitiable death
The Hell is landing here
the hell for the president who killed thousands
for his wayward political strategies.
Strategies are called strg
as long as they beneift the country
without loss of life to any one
str resulting in lifeloss
are Grandiose Sins
which makes souls cursed and bled
the chins change
the smiles are no more the same
the words come but the sounds of the words
are not the same
you can see it all
the friends smile but go away dont want to talk
the evil has bought a place in your soul,
Oh president.Oh principal of the college
Oh CEOs Oh executives of marketing
Oh ministers
Oh mothers and fathers

Every man is a criminal
a criminal in the making
a criminal who could not get a chance to do it
a criminal who is awaiting a chance
all nations are full of criminals
all presidents are criminals
they became criminals by doing things
passing orders that
could have been avoided
which could have saved precious lives
the lives that were not a jpeg for the media
but the lives who were also
the brothers for sisters
fathers for childen
daddies for daughters
husbands for wifes
social citizens for the streetcorners
a helping hand for the neighbours
a fighter for good causes
faought his death by fighting for petrol
and gave his life
for nothing
an ordinary beggar wretched beggar
ofgod forsaken asia lived with his family and childen

 life until death did him apart.

the street children
have nothing to lose as U fear

they have a grand big street
for the drawing room
the world is real harsh and kind
hot and cold
pleasant and unpleasant
athey know the value of the shade
the value of human affection
that they will be taken care of
by the roadside people;
better than the violence
inhabited homes of today.
they will live with the str dogs
and cats
and the beggars
life is good there is no one to torture
it is a torture to a child
in a rich house
their parents have no knowledge
no responsibility to analyse toand know
but get on with vague values
they assert and put it into their heads.

4. the next victims of the new era
are students
who believed the adults are good.
they were wrong.
all education is commerce.
and reckless commerce.
sinful acts against students.
acts of no conscience.
pickpockets and thiefs are better.
day and night the students lose their sleep
they are worried about their future
it is hanging.
their parents relatives neighbors are
staring at their faces
what have u done
you have no future!
it is imprinted on their faces.
all are heading for computer studies
as if leaving it behind there is no course
available to earn their bread and butter

In IT if they earn thousands of dollars
ten thousands of rupees per month
they do not know half of it
will go toward securing the lost mental peace.

work on computers bugged with bugs
deliberately is torture to the brain
by one single program they can turn off
the mental peace of hundreds of users
end users ending their lives.

anti virus companies genrate virus
in your computers
and they advertise buy our software
to remove this
our free trial ware is of no use they say.

doctors with medical companies
generate diseases
protect and promote diseases
without which their income will be halved.

ADvocates see that good laws are not passed
it will remove their income
justice should never reach the masses.
they bribe the govt and stop passing of laws.
they win.

bankers want people to live forever in debt
farmers in asia is a glaring example
banks earned interest
fertiliser and insecticide companies
made money
farmers became the wretched lot.

the ngos are another lot
their salaries are very little
the granting instns are wrong headed
they give small pay
and imagine things will be alright
the moneygets converted to enable them to live.
little remuneration for good work
is a crime generating more crimes.

the students and their opportunities
are no chances to leave behind.
for every college
they are the baits to make money
donations to make buildings
horrible state of affairs
the govt looks on
they know the plight of the students
and parents.

the wayward world.
it marches ahead
in its march
it leaves behind the hurt
the tortured the walked over
masses of people.

nights are not night of rest
nights are full of subsconscious
intellectual activity
the brain over works
it loses track
the brain cells are overtired
the faculties are weakened.

at home at office in the world
there is torture to the soul
it is aggravating
there is no sight of reducing.

Peace is ultimately not even known
to them how it will be.
It is not sought after therefore.

Seek peace
Reduce your wants
change your lifestyle
be different.







" poetry is feelings that come from the gentle green fresh human heart

as though  a fragrance from a flower.

These feelings are yours and mine. You are Not Another. I am not another.
We are all ONE. We feel the same.
We suffer the same.
We laugh the same.

Keep your conscience as pure as a flower.
as a new born babe.
Keep your consciousness
as clear as a clean glass.
Keep your instincts intact.

You will grow one day
into a tall and broad tree
like the Banyan Tree
or the Oak.

U will dance to the winds.

U will put your arms around the clouds

and the sky.

and I will be there with you.

as I cannot go away
to another world
leaving u."

You can copy any of these poems in my site
for your use and for offering to people.
You can put these in a CD and use it to read and get into
good contemplative moods, like I do.

- D.Parameswaran

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