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FUN in  POEMS   


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01. THE IT (information technology )CONTEXT *************************

if you are not hospitable

if u are not hostile

then u r an  i.t  man.

if u cannot enjoy the ordinary taste of good food

if u cannot hate the taste of a bad food

then u r an i t man.

if u start smiling from the heart

and retract it feeling it is too much

u r an  i t audit man

if u start smile from the heart

then go thru taking it to the chest lips

and then back again to the heart

from where  it came u r an  i t  network man.

if u never had friends

and were plotting and planning underneath,

u will get into it programming logic etc easily

and if u feel like a mouse

in a trap

perpetually trying to get out

using all ideas and exhausting them, 

and getting stress b'cas u r not able to get out,


u r an i t logic man;

touch your top of the head

and if it is hot

and forever hot thru 24x7

then u r an i t pro man;

if u stay seated in a scenery of nature

but cannot know where u r seated

and how beautiful it is outside

if u cannot hear the bird already


then u r an it man working for 10 yrs and retiring.

if ur faculties wither in 10 yrs of hardwork

in the i t

then u r an  i t waste;

u r an technology human waste.

they will dump you like the hardware.

your softwares will never recognize you;



hey, it's not just them

at fault

the world the whole world is at fault;

and they are in that set and not out of it.

the river is polluted from the start

till the end

it is not here alone

you may think it is here alone

no u r wrong

all have limitations

in the minds

all are groomed by the world around


the tv the media damages

the hearts and souls of people

it makes them doubt husbands, wives and children

and then even a good doubted husband

becomes bad afterwards

cas he has no better choice

pl know it clearly

that no folk at home can

ward off the influences from the tv on their mind

it is a perpetual machinery

at work

it has spoilt ur day and night

and now it is the net and the pc doing

the remaining to the remaining of us.



ha ha brouhaha, shut it down cause


dont move o yeah dont move

the poem is coming to be born

to see the light of the sun

from the darkness of the devil

from the dark crevices of the universe

it is like a flower in a plant in a swamp

in a mud in a city suburb

dont move

dont raise yr finger

the poem is coming

if u appreciate the first line

and believe it can bring u fame

u will lose the second line

many i have lost that way !

never appreciate yr creative intellect

kill your ego to get creative talent

sit quite and see what happens

when it delivers

all must be quiet

the bird must shut click shut its mouth

the cicada and the chickadee

also should do the same

the squirrel should not turn any toy barrel

and create any noise that hurts the nose

the bat must hang and

should not get up as if after a long slumber

and should not flap its hard wings

the man who sells vegetables

should walk quietly thru the street

without too much of a brouhaha

if u lose the tailpiece of a poem

and even if u spend your lifetime

or your sons lifetime u cannot get it back.

it will be forever lost like a meteor

a or a streak of light in the galaxies

how many have i lost

only i know of it.

once i glee at its face

and think of the fame it will bring

it goes away away away

out into the galaxies saturns and mars

never to be heard of again.



matrimony, love and hate


when you are unalert,

when u'r hands are not on the wheel.

beware of  your mind

it makes a fool of lovers and haters

giving them both equally wrong messages

churned up more efficiently making us gullible.

mind makes  advts for the media

and the  multimedia

and makes us fools.

it is a fooler

it makes you a slave

and you end up losing all your good relationships

the spouses are individually right and not wrong

the spouses are individually worth

the weight of gold

but the mind makes them believe

the other is wrong

not simply wrong, but always wrong.

it goes on feeding

it is evil that perpetually eternally tries to darken

the pathway

shadow the light

to remove light from souls

and make us fight for our peace.




" poetry is feelings that come from the gentle green fresh human heart

as though  a fragrance from a flower.

These feelings are yours and mine. You are Not Another. I am not another.
We are all ONE. We feel the same.
We suffer the same.
We laugh the same.

Keep your conscience as pure as a flower.
as a new born babe.
Keep your consciousness
as clear as a clean glass.
Keep your instincts intact.

You will grow one day
into a tall and broad tree
like the Banyan Tree
or the Oak.

U will dance to the winds.

U will put your arms around the clouds

and the sky.

and I will be there with you.

as I cannot go away
to another world
leaving u."

You can copy any of these poems in my site
for your use and for offering to people.
You can put these in a CD and use it to read and get into
good contemplative moods, like I do.

- D.Parameswaran

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