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this page contains all new poems  refreshed 2008

 this poetry page came out very well with good contents
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the n



devil's face is seen easily !!
i can see it in my mirror too !!
but not god's !! It comes rarely
and never is forgotten .


i see god everywhere

i see devil everywhere

if i remain with god, i can be seen everywhere

i c the devil as a creation of god

All light falls, creates shadow.

babies are born with sofwares to recognise

and respond to smiles!

animals come to life with a set of softwares.

god's softwares have no bugs to debug.


virtual relationships
virtual friends
virtual solutions


of yahoo groups answers com
of google and other groups
virtual world.com
virtual medlodies
virtual data.com
all have become virtual
including the evil qualities of man.
the cell companies cheat man
the banks cheat
all cheat
protection for man is gone
we cannot find the enemy he is afar away hiding
h is virtual
we are the only unvirtual objects
of ridicule exploitation of the world
and its mnc's


8:28 PM 2/10/2008




 all things changed ...

 I had plenty of time on holidays

in the evenings after i returned from office

i stood in front of the office

i sat on the terrace watching the sky and stars

i listened to music

i did exercises

But now things changed

 how drastically changes have taken place.


the confused worker

i am engaged by my mobile, any time any where,

 my boss calls me

my wife calls my kids call me

and all of them dont crack jokes or say take rest

but give me work

i have no time to message

 i have no fingers enof to send msgs

some one outsource u !

u ourtsource some other !


the day mobile came

it took the toll of our fingers, eyes, and brain

the day the computer the pc came

it took a heavy toll !

all children gave their time to the pc

all adolescents

all adults

and all lost their time .

And hours were spent on it

yet they came out nothing finished

 and leaving a lot of things desiring

to be done

One, one head is not enof

two hands are not  enof

two ears are not enof

we need ten heads, and twenty hands,

at least 100 fingers to hold the mouse

and the keyboard buttons

and to see all the sites

that i am not able to see to my satisfaction.

computer and the net,  is a fancy, an imagination

and it is killing people 

worser than the lottery or the brandy !

i am a part of it, addicted and hurt

just as you are.

One day the trojans came flooding

and stopped all.

That gave me rest first for the first time

in the last several years.

I took a pillow

and lied down peacefully!!!


the love that a human being  gets

 is different in different ages

as a child he gets love

as an adolescent he gets love

as a grown up  h.....

as an old,

 he gets it with respect for maturity !

//////////////     ingrid

U are so familiar

the move of your head

the way u speak

the gait of yours

its all familiar.


where did i find u

where did i stay with u

where did i lose u


i  travelled

the bed in the train was

 my most

dearest for sleep

better than at home i slept there

i turned sides

not restlessly

but with all  secure feelings



i entered trains left trains

entrained detrained

on the plat form i hugged one or two

and went disappearing in the crowd

wearing a crown of love.


i spoke to the people inside

the faces of children young women why not men also old men

cause whitman taught me at a young age not to discriminate

he was a giver of equal opportunity

i owe much of my consciousness to whitman)

i walk  and find a friend

i laff and laff as loud as i can

a 3 yrs old child wanted Repeat she said Repeat

because that laff contained freedom

innocence no blemishes

no undesirable desires, unwanted wants,

inexplicable explanations,

with their love and innocence

haunts me


like hair on the chin         like my beard

the poem grows the thots grow

there is no limit

untrammeled it grows

unattended it grows

unasked it grows


i cant stop it

why should i?

thats why u see how this poem

digresses from subject to subject;

it is organic it is natural

human intervention is bad

my mind is a big earth

with all its green vegetation flowers and fruits

and foliage.


i love its every digression

i love all parts of its body

i hate no part of the body, as whitman did;


so familiar you are to me

deep inside your consciousness

u r struggling to make out further memories

the album is not opening

it is hanging

but it is reminding again again

that u r familar

for miles together we would walk

through the thick forests

we had been there always together.

there was no wall betwixt me and u.


i get back my memories

 they are not faint anymore

they are painted pictures for the wall

i used to crack jokes and laff aloud

its my nature,  i cant change it

my spirit never dies

it s dynamism is  too much

i have your face thot flow in my consciousness.




of all the things in the world

what i cant write is the loving words of the lover

the caresses the caring words

the words:

 if u lay me down i am happy in your hands

when u touch me, i am so happy

when u kiss me  ..

just the thot of u

makes me happy

i forget all my life long worries

that will never go away otherwise;

once u hold me in your arms and kiss me

that 's recharged energy for me for the next one week;

i will go around happily busily doing my work

never sitting down with a worry;

it is exhilaration

it is a joy

when u kss me at the back of the neck

on my nose

on my cheeks

u speak and i am thrilled

u r just seen and i am thrilled

how easy life is being with u

all the difficult things are taken by u'

as a penny.

u are poundwise and peenny foolish


i am whitmaniac

we r special

we r looking always as lost

our spouses were always afraid

we might be lost forever

but we did return home

-wherever we found love

we stayed there harbored

anchored there

love anchors us....

but the journey begins like a cow boy

there are millions of faces of peoples

that need to be visited, seen, and touched and caressed

on the street in the train on the platform

of course, without getting a curse sometimes.

i am only the mad fellow

who gets a call of the child spirit

and i honor it

and i go and stay with her

laughing in tall clouds with head turned         

 up   towards the sky ;

she likes it

it gives her confidence

she needs a change

she missed me for months

then called me all

that she is 3 yrs

only i know what runs inside her little heart

soul mind conscience

-----------God give me more days...

with your creation

for your creation is ever charming as i grow old

 it is clearing all my doubts i had had!!




once ur fears are gone about disease death and health

you will be free like me and enjoy this life

ur spirit will become different.

like bharathi said it is all in the spirit

get a clean mind

a clean spirit

and it works wonders




my window to the world my moon, my writing tab,

my blackboard, my graffiti

- the traffic the net trfc is watching

--as u go jotting your thots, speaking like a madman

happy madman, happy with the bliss of being born

being with u, being able to speak to u all

in a fraction of seconds

from where to where hooo hooo!

i go u go    the thots remain locked safely

in the cells of the brain hardware

then the good feelings never die.

they stay and keep me evergreen

the sprt remembers the consciousness remembers

life is a joy that we found,

in between our mess

that some had left for us to dig.




" poetry is feelings that come from the gentle green fresh human heart

as though  a fragrance from a flower.

These feelings are yours and mine. You are Not Another. I am not another.
We are all ONE. We feel the same.
We suffer the same.
We laugh the same.

Keep your conscience as pure as a flower.
as a new born babe.
Keep your consciousness
as clear as a clean glass.
Keep your instincts intact.

You will grow one day
into a tall and broad tree
like the Banyan Tree
or the Oak.

U will dance to the winds.

U will put your arms around the clouds

and the sky.

and I will be there with you.

as I cannot go away
to another world
leaving u."

You can copy any of these poems in my site
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good contemplative moods, like I do.

- D.Parameswaran

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