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July 4th
For the bird, up in the sky, swimming in the air.
For the sun or for the moon staying close together with the earth.
July 4th
For the squirrel up on the tree
Up by a flight of stairs.
Up & home.
July 4th
Is for the wind showering her love upon my face.
And for the wind flowing into the valley fresh and cool,
And pervading my senses.
July 4th
I lie imprisoned, by the walls of avarice and greed.
The walls of many doors and locks of the human self’s
Only I am aware of the conflict.
July 4th
I lie imprisoned.
July 4th 
A promise & hope, the president assures.
You are fighting the war alone, all alone.
Pres. There is no one on your side.
The people are on their own jobs
Acquiring more and more for their little earths.
They will not help you fight the enemies of the nation.
July 4th 
I lie imprisoned
July 4th  I see outside
The monkey, and dinosaur, and every beast
Say july 4th.  Don’t touch me says a girl – cutprit, to a cop.
Don’t ask for my card, this is a country of liberty”.
July 4th never lasts more than a few moments of vision,
For me.  My spirit unassiled, I wait for its permanence.
July 4th, for a second, I see god’s face appear, but then,
Soon I see the permanent humanfaces of greed and avarice.
The usual, the familiar, the ugly only remain left with me.
July 4th up in the sky, as a star.
We, are, on waters.  At sea.  Some on land, some trying to fly.
July 4th , a little dream word, for saying goodbye to 
Miseries still unsaid.
Songs for Heaven
Man has lost much of his sanity
By mostly believing in false and hollow things
By celebrating a wrong feelings, a wrong thought
Which grew later into a wrong faith,
He has smeared his views and blinded himself
Nodoubt he has defended evil concepts
And straight away embraced the darkness of the evil
What is evil is merely what is of no use to earth
What is evil, has no power or force of its own.
It is men like you and me who give it help to stand up.
We feed it with energy and we fight for it.
We do it because we are ignorant of it.
We do it because we thing it benefits us much.
Not caring to know whether it hurts others or the earth.
Nodoubt there is benefit, instant and physically felt,
That accrues from the evil.
But it really is forsaking a chance for eternity
By opting for a transitory bliss.
It is like sex without love
It cannot last long.
Because you have pledged your immortality
For a mortal and flimsy momentary joy.
Once your thought or action jeopardizes the earth,
The nation, or the society or merely an ignorant or
Innocent fellow humanbeing, you will be injuring your own
Future life.
Evil is merely a weed that grows in the farm or garden,
In your heart or mind, as an instinct or through,
In yoiur intellect or soul as concept or faith,
in the society or nation as an anti – element. 
You must stop its growth wherever it grows.
If you fail, your future will fail you.
You are related to your future distant or nearer.
This cleansing process is everyone’s responsibility
One who fails in it, betrays creation’s intention.
The power to preserve, is uniquely man’s
Preserve congenial things to life of the earth.
It is not difficult to discriminate the good from the bad.
Keep sharp reason to cut the weed.
Keep true love to promote the good
And use your faculties of the self
For improving the common good for all.