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8.01  earth holidays!
earth in spring!

A) for the years to come.

8.02.2 LOVE POEMS      
  B)    my meaning is different

8.03 not good as even as death!***

8.04 the moon, of you and me !!

8.05    your smile amidst
has been a windfall*****

8.06 a walk in the night ...

8.07    not  for long    ............

8.08 death poems
              for memories

8.09    a bird in the middle of the  road,

 earth holidays!

earth in spring!



what a resolution !
the  trees a few yards away,
bear with their uprightness!. 
remember the office, 
the city streets with no trees;
 how dirty was it all  !!
no  one was speaking,
your language,
no one to understand
the depth of feelings;
no one straight and frank.
no one and nothing here 
is speaking to me.
there is nothing to tell
nothing to give and take, here!!  
but here and now in nature  
the bird said something, 
no one heard it.
the bird repeats it, for you, listen;
That bird is silent as a lover;
the one near it, never stops its speech;
words of love!
words of  praises!
 love on wings!
they fly  just then together to some other tree;
as if it had just occurred to them;
and there they exchanged a kiss.
the sun makes love with the earth,
and asks the moon to take care at night;
and the moon drifts on silent rivers,

where only water sings ceaselessly.
(imagine hearing the sound 
of flowing water over the pebbles!) 
the moon sails in the ocean,
and the sailors say :
"look there is the moon!"
and the moon rises over the horizon 
as if  it were a lost girl
and as if she has  been found,
at long, last .........
nature's mystery!
every tree !
God's messenger! 
silent will. 
silent desire. 
silent aspiration.
dancing soul.
dancing body. 
unassuming individuals. 
cradle of every innocent bird.
cradle of the wind.
cradle of the insects.
nature's  air conditioners. 
air purifiers.
nature's, earth's 
breathing lungs;
livings of the earth
slowly falling 
due to the cancer 
brought by man's over growth.
God's golden timeless soul
- its a glimpse, 
I perceive,
in these nature's things.
Life stops her for nothing 
it stops not .
and with it we move, 
receiving a posterity called life 
from our forefathers.
the mynah, bird indoor, peeps out 
and the wind rushes to its face .
it's nothing to fear. 
the mynah bird knows
the wind by heart. 
the house has no door. 
the house no number.
but there the mynah 
looks out from her house 
on the tree.
the door of the house 
is like a train's window.
their houses are harmless 
to lands, trees and the earth;
god's little aero planes, 
they won't demolish the earth 
for building their houses;
little hearts beep, 
sitting on twigs, on the tree.
rough winds scatter 
the feathers of innocent birched birds 
that looked like school boys 
turned into tramps;
sometimes i have seen 
solitary birds at night,
in flight.
when the evening has just fallen
they'd be seen flying 
and their wings will shine
in the golden rays
of the setting sun.        **
 the wind can be heard 
among the many bunches of leaves 
passing through;
far away the wind can be seen 
moving and shaking women like trees 
holding their pretty green waists;
heaven is here side by side
with the hell that we are in; 
i was n't with them
when i saw them;
prisoned, i was inside a body and house
of walls, reached by narrow streets. 
what was life
i had forgotten.
but when i saw you flying in pairs,
i saw our life and culture 
rotten and i was sinking 
in a cesspool fragrant to others, 
stinking to me;
back of chair 
that i rest against
- yet full of life
A full of blown tree.
strong and mighty.  
green leaves.

bunches moving, 
one against the other. 
whole day, 
screech languages of love,
un self_- conscious,
what freedom,
what delight,
god's behind them,
every moment,
innocent lives,
so they cant invent,
the atomic bomb!!







           A)  for the years to come....


let me stand in
the peace of your     
and in the love of your arms,
whose love shall,
free me 
from the cluster of prisons,
i am in .
let me stand, 
in the wind, 
flowing schezerando
among the trees,
in perfect understanding,
that'll leave me with a good companion
for the years to come!!


 B)    my meaning is different


 marriage is n't marriage of the skies

it is of the souls

be it man and man

man and child

man and woman;

it is simply living together 

living with;

how narrow your vision is,

mine is; 

embracing the universe,

my mind is no home, 

built within 4 walls;

it is the universe!






not good as even as death!***

fire ,
u r to me,
i thot ;    
u were, but honey
i thot u 'd be funny!
liar u said,
meet me at my pier i said;
i said, 
your love is a curse, i said; 
yours is worse! worse!, you said..
reality is death!
unreality is, 
but not as good as even sweet death!!!. 






 the moon, of you and me !!

stand  your ground!
you'd never get,
a thing living to lean on, 
as comfortably, 
as a lifeless stone,    yes  ! !
stand your ground!
it is possible to go to moon..
but to get you 
inside my heart 
and me into you,
is the Moon 
of you and me!!!

it is always a dream of whitman!!



           your smile amidst

                has been a windfall*****

 year one has mostly been  a war of several years!  
one day U feel U've won;
another day i feel I've won..
like sun rise and sun fall.
(but your smile amidst 's been a windfall)
i gather the fruits 
and the flowers
that the tree showers
non stop
from day through night.,
of my life.





. a walk in the night ...

a walk in the night with the seasons sights,
dark roads, silent places, wet lands, 
sound of insects staying crouched in
limited spaces and thoughtfully reading
aloud their poems ramming
into my heart of solitude;

these roads i have passed  often
now i find them still strange,
my shoes have walked these pathways; 

getting grains of soil stuck as memories.
tomorrow i will clean them and use them again.
for I have to walk again and again 
and get these memories stuck up again.








   not  for long    ............

are these days!
not for long are these smiles;   
not for long are these fights;  
not for long will i need asking you,
when eyes meet they must be flowers
and not fireballs when hearts meet they must be 
open and not go hide,
when hands are held, 
the bloods of feeling must mix
and boil with rage
when i say i love you
your words must be "me too?"
and not silence.


death poems

              for memories


death strikes blows,

faster than we can ever know 
or understand.
it may take years
we wont yet comprehend 
that death had taken him away
away, from us all.
it is hard for us to believe;
and it is hard for us to live
like a friend awaiting  a dead friend;
we will wait
and his image will flirt all about us;
the dead will part unperturbed,
but the living will remain with the memories
of the laughs, voice
and the concern in his look;
Life and dreams shatter 
to pieces and fragments
and We with the life within us; 
turn suddenly to look at our backs, 
as if Death is close 
and awaiting unseen.
Such  men of competence, self making
and of affiliation  
are lost to the winds,
to the seas to the air;
still young and ambitious at heart 
the goodwill growing 
somewhere in a new world 
he will be born to lead .
such mighty men have steered crises
as leaders of a caravan
and now the caravan moves ahead 
without him;
we will keep his memories 
and he will lead us to the land of glory.
we will walk his way fulfill his goals 
that were common to all of us 
as if to mankind.





a bird

the middle of the  road,


Early morning before the Sun rose

the cool winds were breezing steadily.

To the music howling Hey Jude,

on the long drive 

on the way to my workplace,

through the front glass

I saw in the middle of the road,

lying, a small object which I had to pass over 

maneuvering carefully with out further crushing;

and just before passing it

half of the object

flew out of it;

that part

that had not died!

trying to save its own life.

It flew.

The dead remained, 


life lost;

lay the bird, a myna

a quarter of its body,

pasted and stuck to the road.

Its deserted lover oftener 

landed near it touching gently,

lifted up its dead beak,

and found its love's life lost,

crushed partly under the wheels

 of the ever flowing morning traffic.

but all for a second 

because there came the cars all again

trying to take away its life too.

It flew away running for life

and again came down

after a vehicle passed by.

there was panic in its little heart and mind

the friend couldn't rush

to survive another crushing

under the wheels of the madly running vehicles.

Again pecked at lover's dead wings

what if its lover could

again come to life!

This magic of life,

how cruel death, 

the magic of death;

realizing that life is a gentle 

short lived breeze

in the unending desert of non existence

i looked as desperate as the bird.

I lost the ground;

I quivered,

for a moment.

what tears, what emotions,

for the bird in grief.

For I had a flash back

for a minute and

I saw the opening days of their love

and then dating and then, 

god pronouncing them as bird

and a loving wife

blessed to live,

until death doth them apart.

its tiny little head I imagined what emotions

might have filled up;

what memories of living together

these birds mynas

are always found as loving pairs.

they fly together. 

they make noise together. 

a lot  of it;

for each other to understand perhaps.

now what sound will it make,

and for whom.

Entire life lay ahead, 

like a vast stretching ocean or a desert

and the bird a small living thing or nothing;

The bird sitting on a tree 

looked down upon its dead lover

there at a distance 

on the middle of the road;

Once its life was full to the brim

now its life lay empty.

now in place of laughter,

loneliness haunted;

flying in search of food

together was a joy,

now it will be a burden

and keeping hungry

will seem to suffice

this day God had emptied life' s contents.

Life's Labors Lost

Even men cannot have a distinguished past

a past of so much of activity, 

so much of out doors in love,

in the heart, in the blood ,

all together in love;

Man can only envy;

I had come listening to sad love songs

and the event struck a thunder 

meandered through in my heart and soul

my thoughts and I guessed

man's ego was offending

to love; so soft it was;

man had no tolerance 

man was unfit to love

man was fit only to divorce

man has divorced himself

not only from a love

but from even many a good thought

various treasures

from nation from children 

from nature and animal and bird 

and  from so many.

I reflected, 

to what one is wedded and rechecked it;

the bird was right;

I imagined looking at the bird,

the living bird.

its little beak was sad and lonely,

its little head was sad,

it turned away its face 

from the sight of the cruelty, a tragedy;

its feet were feeling heavy;

its wings were heavy;

it felt they could not

carry it along further in flight

again the bird turned to look

at its lover's dead mass;

again it flew over,

sat pecked and 

ran away as a car came.

It repeated ,

all the same, although

the lesson was in black and white.

the early morning grew to full day.

the sun rose up higher.

but for the bird ,

the day had not begun at all.

the day had died,

emptying  its contents.

The sun,

The wind,

the warmth, the peace, and the silence,

the affiliations, the favorite places

nothing had the same content, as yesterday;

By the evening the bird

had reconciled to its fate

for a longer time now;

However after a few hours.

in the dark the bird was,

there pecking perhaps.

last one chance if lover only,

came to life how bright can it all be.








" poetry is feelings that come from the gentle green fresh human heart

as though  a fragrance from a flower.

These feelings are yours and mine. You are Not Another. I am not another.
We are all ONE. We feel the same.
We suffer the same.
We laugh the same.

Keep your conscience as pure as a flower.
as a new born babe.
Keep your consciousness
as clear as a clean glass.
Keep your instincts intact.

You will grow one day
into a tall and broad tree
like the Banyan Tree
or the Oak.

U will dance to the winds.

U will put your arms around the clouds

and the sky.

and I will be there with you.

as I cannot go away
to another world
leaving u."

You can copy any of these poems in my site
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good contemplative moods, like I do.

- D.Parameswaran

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