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03. some, stories

    walt whitman, the Great lover of mankind, brought meaning to my life..when  i was young and confused ..                            




"poetry is for the soul, not for the soul that is lost, but for the  soul UNLOST and energetic and vibrantly traveling miles in a mind, 

in a quest for shores,  where life can be discovered,,, to relive...amidst chaos"


Poetry is a psychological tool, a software,  important for the disciplining and proper growth of the other wise, wild mind in the wilderness of the whole vast universe of more evil forces trying not to allow the creation of heaven in the midst of hell. The bio law is discipline, discipline, and discipline.

It is a software to improve mind and its functioning. It streamlines our emotions, and it brings us to disciplining the mind and its functioning. So that it stops hang ups  or extremist activism with disproportionate blow ups of and reliance on,  unreal and imaginary worlds.

At a young age of 15 or so I learned to cool my mind, and tune my emotions, in the jungles of controlled emotions of poetry, that I found in the English books in the libraries of India, as a great blessing. My self conscious personality was finding images in Emily Dickinson as an introvert. 

Feeling bored when I became an extrovert consciously, the whole world was within in my reach or so I thought, the road became my drawing room. THANKS TO WALT WHITMAN!! Petty emotions, pent up emotions, disproportionate self lamentations became a junk thrown out of my self. So the little message is use poems to tune you  up,  like music does when you get sad, confused, or feel crumpled. And Will You??

Poetry without application in daily life is useless I thought. So read these original poems and observe your mindset changing from a confused to a concrete level  and send your comments or write to me it will be good for the mind and the self.  Mind is the greatest criminal in hiding and tame it, temper it, and then you can hear music from it.!!

Pl do not copy or use the pic of Walt Whitman as it is copyrighted elsewhere.

we have made fair use of it   for the info of the people.